A self-maintained memory module supporting DMM

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A self-maintained memory module supporting DMM
The memory intensive nature of object-oriented languages such as C++ and Java has created the need of a high-performance dynamic memory management (DMM); however, it is a challenging task to provide efficient reliable system without violating real time performance constraints. Hardware approach emerges as one of the candidate in improving the performance of DMM. This paper presents an efficient design for explicit dynamic memory management which exploits the high speed of a pure hardware implementation. Object allocation and deletion are strictly bounded in time. The whole heap space is divided into two semi-spaces, and a concurrent bidirectional memory compaction algorithm is proposed. So that memory compaction can be done while mutator process is running on the processor. A small built in object-based cache memory is available to avoid indirect object addressing inefficiencies. Experiments show that this hardware scheme can greatly improve the speed and predictability of DMM. Catego...
Weixing Ji, Feng Shi, Baojun Qiao
Added 12 Aug 2010
Updated 12 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Weixing Ji, Feng Shi, Baojun Qiao
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