Semantically Conceptualizing and Annotating Tables

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Semantically Conceptualizing and Annotating Tables
Abstract. Enabling a system to automatically conceptualize and annotate a human-readable table is one way to create interesting semanticweb content. But exactly "how?" is not clear. With conceptualization and annotation in mind, we investigate a semantic-enrichment procedure as a way to turn syntactically observed table layout into semantically coherent ontological concepts, relationships, and constraints. Our semanticenrichment procedure shows how to make use of auxiliary world knowledge to construct rich ontological structures and to populate these ontological structures with instance data. The system uses auxiliary knowledge (1) to recognize concepts and which data values belong to which concepts, (2) to discover relationships among concepts and which datavalue combinations represent relationship instances, and (3) to discover constraints over the concepts and relationships that the data values and data-value combinations should satisfy. Experimental evaluations indicate t...
Stephen Lynn, David W. Embley
Added 12 Oct 2010
Updated 12 Oct 2010
Type Conference
Year 2008
Where ASWC
Authors Stephen Lynn, David W. Embley
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