Sensor networks for medical care

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Sensor networks for medical care
Sensor networks have the potential to greatly impact many aspects of medical care. By outfitting patients with wireless, wearable vital sign sensors, collecting detailed real-time data on physiological status can be greatly simplified. However, there is a significant gap between existing sensor network systems and the needs of medical care. In particular, medical sensor networks must support multicast routing topologies, node mobility, a wide range of data rates and high degrees of reliability, and security. This paper describes our experiences with developing a combined hardware and software platform for medical sensor networks, called CodeBlue. CodeBlue provides protocols for device discovery and publish/subscribe multihop routing, as well as a simple query interface that is tailored for medical monitoring. We have developed several medical sensors based on the popular MicaZ and Telos mote designs, including a pulse oximeter, EKG and motion-activity sensor. We also describe a new...
Victor Shnayder, Bor-rong Chen, Konrad Lorincz, Th
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors Victor Shnayder, Bor-rong Chen, Konrad Lorincz, Thaddeus R. F. Fulford Jones, Matt Welsh
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