Server Placement in Multiple-Description-Based Media Streaming

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Server Placement in Multiple-Description-Based Media Streaming
Multiple description coding (MDC) has emerged as a powerful technique for reliable real-time communications over lossy packet networks. In its basic form, it involves encoding a media stream into r substreams that are sent independently from a source to a destination. Each substream (or description) can be decoded independent of the other r - 1 substreams. With every successful reception of a substream, the quality of the decoded signal improves. In this paper, we consider the problem of placing a set of servers in the network such that a desired quality of service can be provided to a community of clients that request MDC-coded traffic. We formulate the server placement (SP) problem, with the goal of identifying the minimum number of server locations that can provide r descriptions to a set of clients such that the delay associated with each path from a chosen server location to a given client is bounded by a given delay constraint and the total "unreliability" associated wi...
Satyajeet Ahuja, Marwan Krunz
Added 25 Dec 2009
Updated 25 Dec 2009
Type Conference
Year 2008
Where DCC
Authors Satyajeet Ahuja, Marwan Krunz
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