On similarity in fuzzy description logics

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On similarity in fuzzy description logics
In this paper we explore the possibility of introducing the equality symbol in the languages of Fuzzy Description Logics (FDLs) interpreted as a similarity relation. In the talk we will present a state of the art concerning the notion of similarity in some fields of artificial intelligence, and we analyze some variants of the languages for the FDLs introduced in [10]. The goal is twofold: dealing with attribute-value representations at the domain objects level, and integrating the treatment of similarities inside the description languages and their corresponding knowledge bases. Description Logics (DLs) are knowledge representation languages built on the basis of classical logic. DLs allow the creation of knowledge bases and provide ways to reason on the contents of these bases. A full reference manual of the field is [1]. The vocabulary of DLs consists of concepts, which denote sets of individuals, and roles, which denote binary relations among individuals. From atomic concepts an...
Eva Armengol, Pilar Dellunde, Àngel Garc&ia
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Year 2016
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Authors Eva Armengol, Pilar Dellunde, Àngel García-Cerdaña
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