Simple Channel Sensing Order in Cognitive Radio Networks

8 years 10 months ago
Simple Channel Sensing Order in Cognitive Radio Networks
— In cognitive radio networks (CRNs), effective and efficient channel exploitation is imperative for unlicensed secondary users to seize available network resources and improve resource utilization. In this paper, we propose a simple channel sensing order for secondary users in multi-channel CRNs without a priori knowledge of primary user activities. By sensing the channels according to the descending order of their achievable rates with optimal stopping, we show that the proposed channel exploitation approach is efficient yet effective in elevating throughput and resource utilization. Simulation results show that our proposed channel exploitation approach outperforms its counterparts by up to 18% in a single-secondary user pair scenario. In addition, we investigate the probability of packet transmission collision in a multi-secondary user pair scenario, and show that the probability of collision decreases as the number of channels increases and/or the number of secondary user pair...
Ho Ting Cheng, Weihua Zhuang
Added 29 May 2011
Updated 29 May 2011
Type Journal
Year 2011
Where JSAC
Authors Ho Ting Cheng, Weihua Zhuang
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