SMARTPAPER: An Interactive and User Friendly Sketching System

11 years 5 months ago
SMARTPAPER: An Interactive and User Friendly Sketching System
This paper describes an interactive sketching system for 3D design/modeling that diverts from the conventional menu and button interfaces of CAD tools. The system, dubbed SMARTPAPER, offers a unified sketching environment that supports direct sketching as well as gestured sketching with more emphasis on the former to encourage natural sketching styles. SMARTPAPER also provides a unified 2D and 3D drawing domain by allowing the user to sketch directly on a 3D model in addition to the usual 2D sketching from scratch. A natural sketching experience is offered by supporting casual sketching consisting of wiggly, discontinuous, overlapping strokes. The system is empowered by an array of seamlessly integrated 2D and 3D features such as 2D sketch cleaning, 3D reconstruction from 2D sketch, 3D transformations, sketching on 3D, and conventional 3D CSG operations like cutting and joining. The key to the success of SMARTPAPER is efficient and robust 3D reconstruction from a single freehand 2D sk...
Amit Shesh, Baoquan Chen
Added 16 Dec 2010
Updated 16 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2004
Where CGF
Authors Amit Shesh, Baoquan Chen
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