Snap: an integrated SNP annotation platform

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Snap: an integrated SNP annotation platform
Snap (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Annotation Platform) is a server designed to comprehensively analyze single genes and relationships between genes basing on SNPs in the human genome. The aim of the platform is to facilitate the study of SNP finding and analysis within the framework of medical research. Using a user-friendly web interface, genes can be searched by name, description, position, SNP ID or clone name. Several public databases are integrated, including gene information from Ensembl, protein features from Uniprot/ SWISS-PROT, Pfam and DAS-CBS. Gene relationships are fetched from BIND, MINT, KEGG and are integrated with ortholog data from TreeFam to extend the current interaction networks. Integrated tools for primer-design and mis-splicing analysis have been developed to facilitate experimental analysis of individual genes with focus on their variation. Snap is available at http://snap.humgen. and at
Shengting Li, Lijia Ma, Heng Li, Søren Vang
Added 27 Dec 2010
Updated 27 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2007
Where NAR
Authors Shengting Li, Lijia Ma, Heng Li, Søren Vang, Yafeng Hu, Lars Bolund, Jun Wang
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