Social media and social reality

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Social media and social reality
Social Media provide an exciting and novel view into social phenomena. The vast amounts of data that can be gathered from the Internet coupled with massively parallel supercomputers such as the Cray XMT open new vistas for research. Conclusions drawn from such analysis must recognize that social media are distinct from the underlying social reality. Rigorous validation is essential. This paper briefly presents results obtained from computational analysis of social media utilizing both blog and twitter data. Validation of these results is discussed in the context of a framework of established methodologies from the social sciences. Finally, an outline for a set of supporting studies is proposed. Keywords - social media; social science; validation; method; multimethod; blogs; twitter; graph theory; scale-free networks; supercomputing; thought leaders; opinion leaders
William N. Reynolds, Marta S. Weber, Robert M. Far
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Type Journal
Year 2010
Where ISI
Authors William N. Reynolds, Marta S. Weber, Robert M. Farber, Courtney Corley, Andrew J. Cowell, Michelle L. Gregory
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