Stereo by Multiperspective Imaging under 6 DOF Camera Motion

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Stereo by Multiperspective Imaging under 6 DOF Camera Motion
Multiperspective imaging has been used to recover the structure of a scene. Although several algorithms for structure recovery have been developed as typified by stereo panoramas, there exists no common framework which subsumes various camera motions to capture stereo images. This paper presents a framework for stereo by multiperspective imaging, which is general in that it can handle 6 degree–of–freedom (DOF) camera motion. We derive geometric constraints, equation for structure recovery and that for an epipolar curve by modeling the acquisition of stereo images using pushbroom cameras (line sensors). We consider a class of camera motion called a vertical view plane class and demonstrate that several previous results are really special cases of our results. Numerical examples are given to show the correctness of the derived equations.
Naoyuki Ichimura
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Updated 24 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2005
Where 3DIM
Authors Naoyuki Ichimura
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