Stochastic Dynamic Thermal Management: A Markovian Decision-based Approach

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Stochastic Dynamic Thermal Management: A Markovian Decision-based Approach
This paper proposes a stochastic dynamic thermal management (DTM) technique in high-performance VLSI system with especial attention to the uncertainty in temperature observation. More specifically, we propose a stochastic thermal management framework to improve the accuracy of decision making in DTM, which performs dynamic voltage and frequency scaling to minimize total power dissipation and on-chip temperature. A key characteristic of the framework is that thermal states are controlled by stochastic processes, i.e., partially observable semi-Markov decision processes. Collaborative optimization is considered with mathematical programming formulations to reduce operating temperature by using multi-objective design optimization methods. Experimental results with 32bit embedded RISC processor demonstrate the effectiveness of the technique and show that the proposed algorithm ensures thermal safety under performance constraints.
Hwisung Jung, Massoud Pedram
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Updated 16 Mar 2010
Type Conference
Year 2006
Where ICCD
Authors Hwisung Jung, Massoud Pedram
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