Stochastic neural network models for gene regulatory networks

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Stochastic neural network models for gene regulatory networks
AbstractRecent advances in gene-expression profiling technologies provide large amounts of gene expression data. This raises the possibility for a functional understanding of genome dynamics by means of mathematical modelling. As gene expression involves intrinsic noise, stochastic models are essential for better descriptions of gene regulatory networks. However, stochastic modelling for large scale gene expression data sets is still in the very early developmental stage. In this paper we present some stochastic models by introducing stochastic processes into neural network models that can describe intermediate regulation for large scale gene networks. Poisson random variables are used to represent chance events in the processes of synthesis and degradation. For expression data with normalized concentrations, exponential or normal random variables are used to realize fluctuations. Using a network with three genes, we show how to use stochastic simulations for studying robustness and ...
Tianhai Tian, Kevin Burrage
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Where CEC
Authors Tianhai Tian, Kevin Burrage
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