Stochastic processes and temporal data mining

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Stochastic processes and temporal data mining
This article tries to give an answer to a fundamental question in temporal data mining: "Under what conditions a temporal rule extracted from up-to-date temporal data keeps its confidence/support for future data". A possible solution is given by using, on the one hand, a temporal logic formalism which allows the definition of the main notions (event, temporal rule, support, confidence) in a formal way and, on the other hand, the stochastic limit theory. Under this probabilistic temporal framework, the equivalence between the existence of the support of a temporal rule and the law of large numbers is systematically analyzed. Categories and Subject Descriptors H.2.8 [DATABASE MANAGEMENT]: Database Applications-data mining; G.3 [Mathematics of Computing]: PROBABILITY AND STATISTICS--Stochastic processes; F.4.1 [MATHEMATICAL LOGIC AND FORMAL LANGUAGES]: Mathematical Logic-temporal logic General Terms THEORY Keywords Consistency of temporal rules, stochastic limit theory, stochas...
Paul Cotofrei, Kilian Stoffel
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where KDD
Authors Paul Cotofrei, Kilian Stoffel
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