Synapses as dynamic memory buffers

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Synapses as dynamic memory buffers
This article throws new light on the possible role of synapses in information transmission through theoretical analysis and computer simulations. We show that the internal dynamic state of a synapse may serve as a transient memory buffer that stores information about the most recent segment of the spike train that was previously sent to this synapse. This information is transmitted to the postsynaptic neuron through the amplitudes of the postsynaptic response for the next few spikes. In fact, we show that most of this information about the preceding spike train is already contained in the postsynaptic response for just two additional spikes. It is demonstrated that the postsynaptic neuron receives simultaneously information about the speci
Wolfgang Maass, Henry Markram
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Updated 22 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2002
Where NN
Authors Wolfgang Maass, Henry Markram
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