System Area Network Mapping

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System Area Network Mapping
: This paper presents a network mapping algorithm and proves its correctness assuming a traffic-free network. Respecting well-defined parameters, the algorithm produces a graph isomorphic to  ¢¡¤£ , where   is the network of switches and hosts and £ is the set of switches connected by a switch-bridge to the set of hosts ¥ . We show its performance on a Myrinet system-area network with a fat-tree-like topology. It can map 36 nodes, 13 switches and 64 links in 248 ms and 100 nodes, 40 switches, and 193 links in 981 ms. From such maps, the system computes mutually deadlock-free routes and distributes them to all network interfaces. Switched, multi-gigabyte per second, system area networks are the enabling building-blocks for networks of workstations. Because of their core role, these networks should be dynamically reconfigurable, automatically adapting to the addition or removal of hosts, switches and links.
Brent N. Chun, Alan M. Mainwaring, Saul Schleimer,
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Type Conference
Year 1997
Where SPAA
Authors Brent N. Chun, Alan M. Mainwaring, Saul Schleimer, Daniel Shawcross Wilkerson
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