A System that Facilitates Diverse Thinking in Problem Posing

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A System that Facilitates Diverse Thinking in Problem Posing
Problem posing is identified as an important activity in mathematics education. In problem posing, it is important but difficult for learners to generate diverse problems. In this study, we examine a method and implement a system for facilitating learners' diverse thinking in the task of posing mathematical word problems. Since we focus on an aspect of problem posing as a creative generation task, we utilize the presentation of problems as cases in supporting problem posing. We experimentally investigate the diversifying effect of presenting cases while controlling similarities and then implement a support system for problem posing that can present various cases. We also conduct experimental evaluations to verify the effectiveness of our system. Keywords. Creative Generation Support, Case Presentation , Problem Posing, Word Problems , Diverse Thinking
Kazuaki Kojima, Kazuhisa Miwa
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Type Journal
Year 2008
Authors Kazuaki Kojima, Kazuhisa Miwa
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