TalkMine and the Adaptive Recommendation Project

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TalkMine and the Adaptive Recommendation Project
TalkMine is an adaptive recommendation system which is both content-based and collaborative, and further allows the crossover of information among multiple databases searched by users. In this way, different databases learn new and adapt existing keywords to the categories recognized by its communities of users. TalkMine is based on several theories of uncertainty, as well as on biologically inspired adaptionist ideas. This system is currently being implemented for the research library of the Los Alamos National Laboratory under the Adaptive Recommendation Project. In the present work we discuss the shortcomings of current recommendation systems for distributed information systems and propose how TalkMine can greatly improve these shortcomings.
Luis Mateus Rocha
Added 04 Aug 2010
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Type Conference
Year 1999
Where DL
Authors Luis Mateus Rocha
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