A Three Rounds Property of the AES

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A Three Rounds Property of the AES
Rijndael is the new Advanced Encryption Standard designed by V. Rijmen and J. Daemen and chosen as AES by the NIST in October 2000. Surprisingly, the number of cryptanalyses against this algorithm is very low in depict of many efforts furnished to break it. This paper presents a stronger property than the one used in the Bottleneck Cryptanalysis [GM00]. Unfortunately, this property could not be used to mount a more efficient cryptanalysis than the Bottleneck Attack because it is not possible to improve the complexity of the four rounds distinguisher used in this attack. So, the complexity of the Bottleneck Attack (recalled in this paper) is always 2144 AES executions using 232 plaintexts.
Marine Minier
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Year 2004
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