Towards Robot-Assisted Mass-Casualty Triage

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Towards Robot-Assisted Mass-Casualty Triage
Abstract— This paper provides a discussion on how teleoperated robots could be utilized to do the simple triage of victims of a multiple casualty incident. Previous work in the area has focused on using robots to actively aid a single victim. However, when there are multiple victims in an incident, they should be sorted based upon their need for health care, so that more lives can be saved. We foresee that robots can help responders triage victims in hazardous environments, non-accessible places, and large scale incidents. The Simple Triage And Rapid Treatment (START) triage protocol is described in this paper, and reviewed in terms of the capabilities and limitations of the current robotics sensor technology. START provides first responders with an algorithm to sort victims based on four signs, in the following order: mobility, respiratory frequency, blood perfusion and mental state. This paper describes how the assessment of each of those four signs challenges the current robotics...
Carolina Chang, Robin R. Murphy
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Carolina Chang, Robin R. Murphy
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