Towards a theory of events

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Towards a theory of events
Event-driven systems are used in a wide range of applications such as responding to missile attacks, interdicting potential terrorists, exploiting arbitrage opportunities and responding to congestion in supply chains. The designs of event-driven systems vary widely because the costs and benefits to users of different applications are markedly different. This talk proposes a framework for unifying designs of different types of applications by representing the design problem as a constrained optimization and by defining interaction between components in distributed event-based systems in terms of a concept called "shared models." This talk is intended to suggest that there are concepts that unify analyses of a range of event-driven systems in nature, human social organizations and information technology systems. Categories and Subject Descriptors
K. Mani Chandy, Michel Charpentier, Agostino Cappo
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where DEBS
Authors K. Mani Chandy, Michel Charpentier, Agostino Capponi
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