Tracked Ultrasound Elastography (TrUE)

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Tracked Ultrasound Elastography (TrUE)
Abstract. This paper presents a robust framework for freehand ultrasound elastography to cope with uncertainties of freehand palpation using the information from an external tracker. In order to improve the quality of the elasticity images, the proposed method selects a few image pairs such that in each pair the lateral and out-of-plane motions are minimized. It controls the strain rate by choosing the axial motion to be close to a given optimum value. The tracking data also enables fusing multiple strain images that are taken roughly from the same location. This method can be adopted for various trackers and strain estimation algorithms. In this work, we show the results for two tracking systems of electromagnetic (EM) and optical tracker. Using phantom and ex-vivo animal experiments, we show that the proposed techniques significantly improve the elasticity images and reduce the dependency to the hand motion of user. Key words: Ultrasound, Elastography, Elasticity, Tracking, Strain
Pezhman Foroughi, Hassan Rivaz, Ioana Fleming, Gre
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Type Journal
Year 2010
Authors Pezhman Foroughi, Hassan Rivaz, Ioana Fleming, Gregory D. Hager, Emad Boctor
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