A tunable hybrid memory allocator

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A tunable hybrid memory allocator
Dynamic memory management can make up to 60% of total program execution time. Object oriented languages such as C++ can use 20 times more memory than procedural languages like C. Bad memory management causes severe waste of memory, several times that actually needed, in programs. It can also cause degradation in performance. Many widely used allocators waste memory and/or CPU time. Since computer memory is an expensive and limited resource its efficient utilization is necessary. There cannot exist a memory allocator that will deliver best performance and least memory consumption for all programs and therefore easily tunable allocators are required. General purpose allocators that come with operating systems give less than optimal performance or memory consumption. An allocator with a few tunable parameters can be tailored to a program
Yusuf Hasan, J. Morris Chang
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Updated 13 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2006
Where JSS
Authors Yusuf Hasan, J. Morris Chang
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