Uncalibrated Perspective Reconstruction of Deformable Structures

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Uncalibrated Perspective Reconstruction of Deformable Structures
Reconstruction of 3D structures from uncalibrated image sequences has a wealthy history. Most work has been focused on rigid objects or static scenes. This paper studies the problem of perspective reconstruction of deformable structures such as dynamic scenes from an uncalibrated image sequence. The task requires decomposing the image measurements into a composition of three factors: 3D deformable structures, rigid rotations and translations, and intrinsic camera parameters. We develop a factorization algorithm that consists of two steps. In the first step we recover the projective depths iteratively using the sub-space constraints embedded in the image measurements of the deformable structures. In the second step, we scale the image measurements by the reconstructed projective depths. We then extend the linear closed-form solution for weakperspective reconstruction [23] to factorize the scaled measurements and simultaneously reconstruct the deformable shapes and underlying shape mod...
Jing Xiao, Takeo Kanade
Added 24 Jun 2010
Updated 24 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2005
Where ICCV
Authors Jing Xiao, Takeo Kanade
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