Untangling compound documents on the web

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Untangling compound documents on the web
Most text analysis is designed to deal with the concept of a “document”, namely a cohesive presentation of thought on a unifying subject. By contrast, individual nodes on the World Wide Web tend to have a much smaller granularity than text documents. We claim that the notions of “document” and “web node” are not synonomous, and that authors often tend to deploy documents as collections of URLs, which we call “compound documents”. In this paper we present new techniques for identifying and working with such compound documents, and the results of some largescale studies on such web documents. The primary motivation for this work stems from the fact that information retrieval techniques are better suited to working on documents than individual hypertext nodes.
Nadav Eiron, Kevin S. McCurley
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Where HT
Authors Nadav Eiron, Kevin S. McCurley
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