Upper Bounds for Maximally Greedy Binary Search Trees

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Upper Bounds for Maximally Greedy Binary Search Trees
At SODA 2009, Demaine et al. presented a novel connection between binary search trees (BSTs) and subsets of points on the plane. This connection was independently discovered by Derryberry et al. As part of their results, Demaine et al. considered GreedyFuture, an offline BST algorithm that greedily rearranges the search path to minimize the cost of future searches. They showed that GreedyFuture is actually an online algorithm in their geometric view, and that there is a way to turn GreedyFuture into an online BST algorithm with only a constant factor increase in total search cost. Demaine et al. conjectured this algorithm was dynamically optimal, but no upper bounds were given in their paper. We prove the first non-trivial upper bounds for the cost of search operations using GreedyFuture including giving an access lemma similar to that found in Sleator and Tarjan’s classic paper on splay trees.
Kyle Fox
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