Using Multiple Memory Access Instructions for Reducing Code Size

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Using Multiple Memory Access Instructions for Reducing Code Size
An important issue in embedded systems design is the size of programs. As computing devices decrease in size, yet with more and more functions, better code size optimizations are in greater demand. For an embedded RISC processor, where the use of compact instructions (e.g., the ARM Thumb) restricts the number of accessible registers at the expense of a potential increase in spill code, a significant proportion of instructions load or store to memory. In this paper we present a new technique which both identifies sequences of single load and store instructions for combining into multiple load and store instructions, and guides the layout of function stack frames, global storage and register allocation, previously only seemingly done by opportunistic optimization. We implement this in our SolveMMA algorithm, similar to Liao’s Simple Offset Assignment algorithm. We implement our algorithm within the Value State Dependence Graph framework, describe how the algorithm is specialized for...
Neil Johnson, Alan Mycroft
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Type Conference
Year 2004
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Authors Neil Johnson, Alan Mycroft
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