Vertex representations and their applications in computer graphics

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Vertex representations and their applications in computer graphics
The vertex representation, a new data structure for representing and manipulating orthogonal objects, is presented. Both interiors and boundaries of regions are represented implicitly through the aid of a single vertex which is the tip of an infinite cone. The cones are similar to halfspaces in a CSG representation; however, unlike CSG, the representation of an object with the vertices is unique. Additionally, vertex representations deal with scalar fields and not solids. Algorithms are given for generating vertex representation models for primitive solids, performing affine transformations, set-theoretic operations, and displaying vertex representation models. The algorithms assume that the vertices are stored in a list although they could also be stored using other representations (e.g., a point variant of a quadtree). The contribution of the work lies, in part, in the generality of the solutions obtained through the use of recursion to construct the representation in higher dime...
Claudio Esperança, Hanan Samet
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Type Journal
Year 1998
Where VC
Authors Claudio Esperança, Hanan Samet
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