Virtual Topology Design for OBS Optical Networks

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Virtual Topology Design for OBS Optical Networks
—Burst loss and delay are two main issues in optical hop-count. Network diameter is the hop-count of the shortest burst switching (OBS) networks. In OBS, if the hop-count path between the two furthest apart nodes in the network. between the source-destination node pair can be reduced, both Average hop-count is the average number of hops per the control packet and the corresponding data burst will suffer connection. With a properly designed virtual topology, we can less risk of contention, and the delay caused by offset time will be merge several physical hops into a single virtual hop, such that reduced as well. Therefore, it is meaningful to overlay OBS upon the control packet can traverse less (virtual) hops to reach the a virtual topology with reduced network diameter and average destination. Although virtual topology design is widely studied hop-count. In this paper, a novel algorithm LWMD (Least in the literatures [4-9], we only found two papers [4-5] aiming Weight Minimum Diame...
Bin Wu, Kwan Lawrence Yeung
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Type Conference
Year 2007
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Authors Bin Wu, Kwan Lawrence Yeung
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