Visual surveillance by dynamic visual attention method

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Visual surveillance by dynamic visual attention method
This paper describes a method for visual surveillance based on biologically motivated dynamic visual attention in video image sequences. Our system is based on the extraction and integration of local (pixels and spots) as well as global (objects) features. Our approach defines a method for the generation of an active attention focus on a dynamic scene for surveillance purposes. The system segments in accordance with a set of predefined features, including gray level, motion and shape features, giving raise to two classes of objects: vehicle and pedestrian. The solution proposed to the selective visual attention problem consists of decomposing the input images of an indefinite sequence of images into its moving objects, defining which of these elements are of the user's interest at a given moment, and keeping attention on those elements through time. Features extraction and integration are solved by incorporating mechanisms of charge and discharge--based on the permanency effect--...
María T. López, Antonio Ferná
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Type Journal
Year 2006
Where PR
Authors María T. López, Antonio Fernández-Caballero, Miguel Angel Fernández, José Mira, Ana E. Delgado
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