Visualizing Quality

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Visualizing Quality
Real-world data is known to be imperfect, suffering from various forms of defects such as sensor variability, estimation errors, uncertainty, human errors in data entry, and gaps in data gathering. Analysis conducted on variable quality data can lead to inaccurate or incorrect results. An effective visualization system must make users aware of the quality of their data by explicitly conveying not only the actual data content, but also its quality attributes. While some research has been conducted on visualizing uncertainty in spatiotemporal data and univariate data, little work has been reported on extending this capability into multivariate data visualization. In this paper we describe our approach to the problem of visually exploring multivariate data with variable quality. As a foundation, we propose a general approach to defining quality measures for tabular data, in which data may experience quality problems at three granularities: individual data values, complete records, and s...
Solomon Max
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Year 1995
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