Web-based 3D media information system

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Web-based 3D media information system
This paper introduces web-based 3D media information system. We first address two promising 3D modeling techniques, i.e., image-based 3D modeling and laser scanning based 3D modeling. Especially, we present two approaches of the image-based 3D modeling. One is an off-line approach using multiview images which is captured with single camera and a robot arm. The another one is an on-line approach that extends a commercial triclops camera system. We also utilize a 3D modeling scheme based on a laser scanner and a 3D reverse modeler. Using our 3D modeling environments, we construct several kinds of 3D models. We also implement web-based 3D media information management and retrieval system using XML data server, which provides services of 3D models. Our web-based 3D media information system has a goal of services of various types of 3D models and contents through WWW, which is currently focused on the development and management of 3D models of Korea cultural heritage. Categories and Subjec...
Yong-Moo Kwon, Ig-Jae Kim, Sang Chul Ahn, Hyoung-G
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Type Conference
Year 2000
Where VRST
Authors Yong-Moo Kwon, Ig-Jae Kim, Sang Chul Ahn, Hyoung-Gon Kim
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