WEBCAP: a capacity planning tool for web resource management

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WEBCAP: a capacity planning tool for web resource management
A staggering number of multimedia applications are being introduced every day. Yet, the inordinate delays encountered in retrieving multimedia documents make it difficult to use the Web for real-time applications such as educational broadcasting, video conferencing, and multimedia streaming. The problem of delivering multimedia documents in time while placing the least demands on the client, network and server resources is a challenging optimization problem. The WEBCAP is ongoing project that explores applying capacity planning techniques to manage or tune the Web resources (client, network, server) for optimal or near optimal performance, subject to minimizing the retrieval cost while satisfying the real-time constraints and available resources. The WEBCAP project consists of four software modules: object extractor, object representer, object scheduler, and system tuner. The four modules are connected serially with 3 feedback-loops. In this paper, we focus on how to extract objects f...
Sami Habib, Maytham Safar
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Type Conference
Year 2005
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Authors Sami Habib, Maytham Safar
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