Workflow-based e-learning platform

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Workflow-based e-learning platform
E-learning has become one of most important means for the future education, especially for universities. This paper is based our e-learning teaching experience which comes from one of the leading e-learning university, the University of Southern Queensland. We use the workflow mechanism to analyse the e-learning system. The whole elearning system is divided into four sub-workflow systems, teaching sub-workflow, leaning sub-workflow, admin subworkflow and infrastructure sub-workflow. Through a coherent analyse of co-relationship of main activities in four sub-workflow systems, some activities are identified as the key elements for the e-learning system. By enhancing these key elements, the performance of all the e-learning workflow gets a significant improvement and elearning students get better grades than on-campus and traditional distance students. The workflow-based elearning system can effectively reach the expected achievement of e-learning.
Jianming Yong
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Year 2005
Authors Jianming Yong
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