The zen of nonvolatile memories

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The zen of nonvolatile memories
Silicon technology based nonvolatile memories (NVM) have achieved widespread adoption for code and data storage applications. In the last 30 years, the traditional floating gate bitcell has been scaled following Moore’s law, but recently scaling limits have been encountered which will require alternative solutions after the 65 nm technology node. Both evolutionary and novel solutions are being pursued in the industry. While the traditional floating gate technology will scale to the 65 nm node, novel device structures and array architectures will be needed past that node. Categories and Subject Descriptors B.7.1 [Integrated Circuits]: Types and Design Styles, Advanced technologies, Memory technologies, Microprocessors and microcomputers, VLSI (very large scale integration) General Terms Measurement, Design, Reliability, Experimentation, Security Keywords Nonvolatile memories; floating gate; SONOS; nanocrystal; MRAM; phase change memory; FeRAM
Erwin J. Prinz
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Year 2006
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Authors Erwin J. Prinz
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