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» Pathway level analysis of gene expression using singular val...
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11 years 5 months ago
Pathway level analysis of gene expression using singular value decomposition
Background: A promising direction in the analysis of gene expression focuses on the changes in expression of specific predefined sets of genes that are known in advance to be rela...
John K. Tomfohr, Jun Lu, Thomas B. Kepler
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11 years 5 months ago
Mapping gene expression quantitative trait loci by singular value decomposition and independent component analysis
Background: The combination of gene expression profiling with linkage analysis has become a powerful paradigm for mapping gene expression quantitative trait loci (eQTL). To date, ...
Shameek Biswas, John D. Storey, Joshua M. Akey
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11 years 7 days ago
Circadian signatures in rat liver: from gene expression to pathways
Background: Circadian rhythms are 24 hour oscillations in many behavioural, physiological, cellular and molecular processes that are controlled by an endogenous clock which is ent...
Meric A. Ovacik, Siddharth Sukumaran, Richard R. A...
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11 years 2 months ago
Mining Gene Expression Profiles: An Integrated Implementation of Kernel Principal Component Analysis and Singular Value Decompos
The detection of genes that show similar profiles under different experimental conditions is often an initial step in inferring the biological significance of such genes. Visualiz...
Ferran Reverter, Esteban Vegas, Pedro Sánch...
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11 years 5 months ago
Combining transcriptional datasets using the generalized singular value decomposition
Background: Both microarrays and quantitative real-time PCR are convenient tools for studying the transcriptional levels of genes. The former is preferable for large scale studies...
Andreas W. Schreiber, Neil J. Shirley, Rachel A. B...