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Supervised Image Segmentation Using Markov Random Fields

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Supervised Image Segmentation Using Markov Random Fields
This is the sample implementation of a Markov random field based image segmentation algorithm described in the following papers: 1. Mark Berthod, Zoltan Kato, Shan Yu, and Josiane Zerubia. Bayesian Image Classification Using Markov Random Fields. Image and Vision Computing, 14:285--295, 1996. Keyword(s): Bayesian image classification, Markov random fields, Optimisation. 2. Zoltan Kato, Josiane Zerubia, and Mark Berthod. Satellite Image Classification Using a Modified Metropolis Dynamics. In Proceedings of International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, volume 3, San-Francisco, California, USA, pages 573-576, March 1992. IEEE. 3. Zoltan Kato. Modélisations markoviennes multirésolutions en vision par ordinateur. Application a` la segmentation d'images SPOT. PhD Thesis, INRIA, Sophia Antipolis, France, December 1994. Note: Available in French (follow the URL link) and English. .
Csaba Gradwohl, Zoltan Kato
Added 12 May 2010
Updated 12 May 2010
Authors Csaba Gradwohl, Zoltan Kato
Language C++
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