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10 years 8 months ago
Filling Knowledge Gaps in Text for Machine Reading
Texts are replete with gaps, information omitted since authors assume a certain amount of background knowledge. We define the process of enrichment that fills these gaps. We descr...
Anselmo Peñas, Eduard H. Hovy
10 years 10 months ago
Strategic Modeling of Information Sharing among Data Privacy Attackers
Research in privacy-preserving data publishing has revealed the necessity of accounting for an adversary's background knowledge when reasoning about the protection afforded b...
Quang Duong, Kristen LeFevre, Michael P. Wellman
150views Data Mining» more  ICDM 2010»
10 years 11 months ago
Probabilistic Inference Protection on Anonymized Data
Background knowledge is an important factor in privacy preserving data publishing. Probabilistic distributionbased background knowledge is a powerful kind of background knowledge w...
Raymond Chi-Wing Wong, Ada Wai-Chee Fu, Ke Wang, Y...
121views more  PVLDB 2010»
10 years 11 months ago
Personalized Privacy Protection in Social Networks
Due to the popularity of social networks, many proposals have been proposed to protect the privacy of the networks. All these works assume that the attacks use the same background...
Mingxuan Yuan, Lei Chen 0002, Philip S. Yu
160views more  JAIR 2010»
10 years 12 months ago
Constructing Reference Sets from Unstructured, Ungrammatical Text
Vast amounts of text on the Web are unstructured and ungrammatical, such as classified ads, auction listings, forum postings, etc. We call such text “posts.” Despite their in...
Matthew Michelson, Craig A. Knoblock
101views Robotics» more  ICRA 2010»
10 years 12 months ago
Searching for objects: Combining multiple cues to object locations using a maximum entropy model
— In this paper, we consider the problem of how background knowledge about usual object arrangements can be utilized by a mobile robot to more efficiently find an object in an ...
Dominik Joho, Wolfram Burgard
11 years 26 days ago
Adding background knowledge to formal concept analysis via attribute dependency formulas
We present a way to add user's background knowledge to formal concept analysis. The type of background knowledge we deal with relates to relative importance of attributes in ...
Radim Belohlávek, Vilém Vychodil
91views more  JUCS 2006»
11 years 1 months ago
Creation and Evaluation of Fuzzy Knowledge-base
: In this paper we give a possible model for handling uncertain information. The concept of fuzzy knowledge-base will be defined as a quadruple of any background knowledge, defined...
Ágnes Achs
112views more  JMLR 2006»
11 years 1 months ago
Kernels on Prolog Proof Trees: Statistical Learning in the ILP Setting
We develop kernels for measuring the similarity between relational instances using background knowledge expressed in first-order logic. The method allows us to bridge the gap betw...
Andrea Passerini, Paolo Frasconi, Luc De Raedt
92views more  IJAR 2008»
11 years 1 months ago
Predicting causality ascriptions from background knowledge: model and experimental validation
A model is defined that predicts an agent's ascriptions of causality (and related notions of facilitation and justification) between two events in a chain, based on backgroun...
Jean-François Bonnefon, Rui Da Silva Neves,...