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11 years 4 months ago
mESAdb: microRNA Expression and Sequence Analysis Database
MicroRNA expression and sequence analysis database ( (mESAdb) is a regularly updated database for the multivariate analysis of sequences a...
Koray D. Kaya, Gökhan Karakülah, Cengiz ...
174views more  NAR 2008»
12 years 1 days ago
miRGator: an integrated system for functional annotation of microRNAs
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) constitute an important class of regulators that are involved in various cellular and disease processes. However, the functional significance of each miRNA is m...
Seungyoon Nam, Bumjin Kim, Seokmin Shin, Sanghyuk ...
89views more  IJBRA 2010»
12 years 2 days ago
Strategies for enhanced annotation of a microarray probe set
—We aim to determine the biological relevance of genes identified through microarray-mediated transcriptional profiling of Xenopus sensory organs and brain tissue. Genetic data...
TuShun R. Powers, Selene M. Virk, Elba E. Serrano
12 years 1 months ago
Exploring the Operational Characteristics of Inference Algorithms for Transcriptional Networks by Means of Synthetic Data
The development of structure-learning algorithms for gene regulatory networks depends heavily on the availability of synthetic data sets that contain both the original network and ...
Koenraad Van Leemput, Tim Van den Bulcke, Thomas D...
12 years 1 months ago
Revising regulatory networks: from expression data to linear causal models
Discovering the complex regulatory networks that govern mRNA expression is an important but difficult problem. Many current approaches use only expression data from microarrays to...
Stephen D. Bay, Jeff Shrager, Andrew Pohorille, Pa...
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12 years 1 months ago
MAGEST: MAboya Gene Expression patterns and Sequence Tags
MAGEST is a database for newly identified maternal cDNAs of the ascidian, Halocynthia roretzi, which aims to examine the population of the mRNAs. We have collected 3 and 5 tag seq...
Takeshi Kawashima, Shuichi Kawashima, Minoru Kaneh...
195views more  BMCBI 2002»
12 years 1 months ago
Clustering of the SOM easily reveals distinct gene expression patterns: results of a reanalysis of lymphoma study
Background: A method to evaluate and analyze the massive data generated by series of microarray experiments is of utmost importance to reveal the hidden patterns of gene expressio...
Junbai Wang, Jan Delabie, Hans Christian Aasheim, ...
134views more  JIPS 2007»
12 years 1 months ago
An Efficient Functional Analysis Method for Micro-array Data Using Gene Ontology
: Microarray data includes tens of thousands of gene expressions simultaneously, so it can be effectively used in identifying the phenotypes of diseases. However, the retrieval of ...
Dong-wan Hong, Jong-keun Lee, Sung-soo Park, Sang-...
124views more  BMCBI 2005»
12 years 1 months ago
Tools enabling the elucidation of molecular pathways active in human disease: Application to Hepatitis C virus infection
Background: The extraction of biological knowledge from genome-scale data sets requires its analysis in the context of additional biological information. The importance of integra...
David J. Reiss, Iliana Avila-Campillo, Vesteinn Th...
88views more  BMCBI 2005»
12 years 1 months ago
Using large-scale perturbations in gene network reconstruction
Background: Recent analysis of the yeast gene network shows that most genes have few inputs, indicating that enumerative gene reconstruction methods are both useful and computatio...
Thomas MacCarthy, Andrew Pomiankowski, Robert Seym...