109Tz-Huan HuangNational Taiwan U.Student, PhDmore from Tz-Huan Huang2
110MikeDoniGraz U. of Technology, Institute for Computer Graphics and VisionProfessor, Assistantmore from MikeDoni2
111ivanhcComputer Vision Center, Universidad Autonoma de BarcelonaPostdoctoralmore from ivanhc2
112jgrynYork U.Research Scientist, MScmore from jgryn2
113JianChengInstitute of Automation Chinese Academy of Sciences and INRIA Sophia AntipolisStudent, PhDmore from JianCheng2
114Roland AngstETH ZurichStudent, PhDmore from Roland Angst2
115danelliottsterColorado State U.Student, PhDmore from danelliottster2
116frankperbetResearch Scientist, PhDmore from frankperbet1
117Mohd Ashraf AhmadUniversiti Malaysia PahangLecturermore from Mohd Ashraf Ahmad1
118sfomelU. of Texas at AustinProfessor, Associatemore from sfomel1
119simonillichUWAOthersmore from simonillich1
120zhouwangU. of WaterlooProfessormore from zhouwang1