Affective game engines: motivation and requirements

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Affective game engines: motivation and requirements
The tremendous advances in gaming technologies over the past decade have focused primarily on the physical realism of the game environment and game characters, and the complexity and performance of game simulations and networking. However, current games are still lacking in the affective realism of the game characters, and the social complexity and realism of their interactions. To achieve the next leap in the level of engagement and effectiveness, particularly in the arena of serious games, gaming research needs to focus on enhancing the social and affective complexity and realism of the game characters, their interaction, and the game narrative as a whole. To achieve these goals, games and game development tools will need to provide functionality to support the recognition of user and game character emotions, real-time adaptation and appropriate responses to these emotions, and more realistic expression of emotions in game characters and user avatars. To support these functionalitie...
Eva Hudlicka
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Year 2009
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