An Algorithm to Compute Collusion Paths

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An Algorithm to Compute Collusion Paths
In earlier work we have formulated a collusion problem that determines whether it is possible for a set of colluders to collectively discover a target set of information, starting from their initial knowledge, and have presented a complete solution for a special case of the problem. In this paper we present an algorithm that solves the general case. Given a collusion problem the algorithm determines whether it has a solution, and if it does, computes one. A solution to the collusion problem is a method with which the colluders can uncover the hidden information. Communications protocols that employ cryptographic techniques are increasingly used to protect privacy as well as to communicate. A cryptographic protocol defines a process by which information is transferred among some users while hidden from others. The algorithm presented here can be used to determine whether a subset of protocol users can discover, during or after the protocol’s execution, the information that is designe...
Steven H. Low, Nicholas F. Maxemchuk
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Updated 06 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 1997
Authors Steven H. Low, Nicholas F. Maxemchuk
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