Arithmetic Optimization Using Carry-Save-Adders

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Arithmetic Optimization Using Carry-Save-Adders
Carry-save-adderCSA is the most often used type of operation in implementing a fast computation of arithmetics of register-transfer level design in industry. This paper establishes a relationship between the properties of arithmetic computations and several optimizing transformations using CSAs to derive consistently better qualities of results than those of manual implementations. In particular, we introduce two important concepts, operation-duplication andoperationsplit, which are the main driving techniques of our algorithmfor achievingan extensive utilization of CSAs. Experimental results from a set of typical arithmetic computations found in industry designs indicate that automatingCSA optimizationwith our algorithmproduces designs with signi cantly faster timing and less area.
Taewhan Kim, William Jao, Steven W. K. Tjiang
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Type Conference
Year 1998
Where DAC
Authors Taewhan Kim, William Jao, Steven W. K. Tjiang
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