The ARTable: An AR-Based Tangible User Interface System

11 years 10 months ago
The ARTable: An AR-Based Tangible User Interface System
Augmented Reality (AR) and Tangible User Interface (TUI) have been proven to provide intuition to human computer interface with richness of a tactile sense. Recent implementations in that field, however, have inherited a 2D Graphical User Interface (GUI) scheme and work as isolated systems. Consequently, the systems are limited in supporting intuitive interfaces and various applications. This paper presents an AR-based tangible interaction system for table-top interaction environments. A projector displays information or graphical images on the table through back-projection. Two cameras on and under the table track the tangible objects which are attached with ARToolKit markers and that are used as interaction tools. Furthermore, a Augmentation Display beside the table shows graphical objects combined with the real table. The system shares the object tracking information of the object as context through the vr-UCAM [8]. Moreover, we also present a scheme of tracking smoothing based on a...
Youngmin Park, Woontack Woo
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Authors Youngmin Park, Woontack Woo
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