Audio games: new perspectives on game audio

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Audio games: new perspectives on game audio
This paper discusses the design of audio games, a quite new computer game category that originates from games for players with visual impairments, as well as mainstream music games. In the TiM project (Tactile Interactive Multimedia), SITREC develops three sound-based games that point out new directions for game audio design. The TiM games demonstrate different ways in which games can be designed around an auditory experience. Several unique features of audio games are presented emphasising unexplored potentials for interactivity and future development areas are suggested. SITREC proposes an approach to interface design that takes three listening modes into consideration: casual listening, semantic listening and reduced listening. A semiotic model is presented that illustrates this view on sound design, as well as ways in which sounds can be combined. The discourse focuses on issues of continuous display, musicality and clarity, and introduces the notion of “spatialised game soundtr...
Johnny Friberg, Dan Gärdenfors
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors Johnny Friberg, Dan Gärdenfors
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