Auto-Adaptive Questions in E-Learning System

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Auto-Adaptive Questions in E-Learning System
All books entitled “Learn … with 1000 exercises” have in common the same basic principle. They aim to supply enough material to students so that they may better understand the studied subject, starting from their own practice. If there is no instructor who helps students during the reading of the book, the students will not be able to understand the subject, as the excessive amount of information provided in this kind of books does not enable learners to pursue the learning goals. There is a great boom in e-learning through the socalled Intelligent Tutoring Systems, excellent virtual instructors which guide their learners through the reading of such kinds of books and help their learners to classify all the exercises and recommend them which ones to solve first. Nowadays instructors and teachers are entrusted to produce these books and to classify all exercises, whatever implies an overload to teachers. In this work we introduce a scalable system that only requires teachers to w...
Enrique Lazcorreta, Federico Botella, Antonio Fern
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Authors Enrique Lazcorreta, Federico Botella, Antonio Fernández-Caballero, José Manuel Gascueña
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