Autosteve: Automated Electrical Design Analysis

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Autosteve: Automated Electrical Design Analysis
AutoSteve performs automated electrical design based on qualitative simulation and functional abstraction. It is the first commercial product capable of performing these tasks for complex automotive systems. It has been deployed at automotive manufacturers for several years, and produces FMEA and sneak circuit analysis reports much more quickly and consistently than they could be produced without its assistance. This is an extended version of a paper presented in PAIS-2000. 1 PROBLEM DESCRIPTION There is a trend towards increasing complexity of electrical/electronic systems in modern vehicles, caused by pressures on automotive manufacturers to improve efficiency, safety and vehicle features. At present, electrical systems account for approximately 10% of total vehicle cost, and include some of the most challenging aspects of the vehicle design. Further complications are added by variants in vehicle configuration, where installed options can make the possible interactions between vehicl...
Chris Price
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Year 2000
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