Canadian Content in Video Games

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Canadian Content in Video Games
This paper investigates the culture being reflected in video games produced in Canada, from the perspective of Canada being one of the world's leading producers of video games. It examines the how Canadian culture is represented in current new media artistic output against the culture, or lack of culture, being represented in video games currently being produced. With the shift of television viewers away from culture-regulated television and onto "culture neutral" video games, is our culture being eroded or expanding to fill a new culture shared with others across borders in virtual space? Canada is one of the fastest-growing countries in broadband usage, so do our rapidly expanding virtual online gaming cultures share our real-world culture? Should we attempt to find our "national identity" in video games, or does culture travel differently through interactive media? In short, this paper a preliminary examination of the impact of the transmission and directio...
Leonard Paul
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Year 2005
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