Cool MPSoC programming

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Cool MPSoC programming
Abstract--This paper summarizes a special session on multicore/multi-processor system-on-chip (MPSoC) programming challenges. Wireless multimedia terminals are among the key drivers for MPSoC platform evolution. Heterogeneous multiprocessor architectures achieve high performance and can lead to a significant reduction in energy consumption for this class of applications. However, just designing energy efficient hardware is not enough. Programming models and tools for efficient MPSoC programming are equally important to ensure optimum platform utilization. Unfortunately, this discipline is still in its infancy, which endangers the return on investment for MPSoC architecture designs. On one hand there is a need for maintaining and gradually porting a large amount of legacy code to MPSoCs. On the other hand, special C language extensions for parallel programming as well as adapted process network programming models provide a great opportunity to completely rethink the traditional sequenti...
Rainer Leupers, Lothar Thiele, Xiaoning Nie, Bart
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Type Conference
Year 2010
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Authors Rainer Leupers, Lothar Thiele, Xiaoning Nie, Bart Kienhuis, Matthias Weiss, Tsuyoshi Isshiki
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