Corpus-Based Static Branch Prediction

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Corpus-Based Static Branch Prediction
Correctly predicting the direction that branches will take is increasingly important in today’s wide-issue computer architectures. The name program-based branch prediction is given to static branch prediction techniques that base their prediction on a program’s structure. In this paper, we investigate a new approach to program-based branch prediction that uses a body of existing programs to predict the branch behavior in a new program. We call this approach to program-based branch prediction, evidence-based static prediction, or ESP. The main idea of ESP is that the behavior of a corpus of programs can be used to infer the behavior of new programs. In this paper, we use a neural network to map static features associated with each branch to the probabilty that the branch will be taken. ESP shows significant advantages over other prediction mechanisms. Specifically, it is a program-based technique, it is effective across a range of programming languages and programming styles, and...
Brad Calder, Dirk Grunwald, Donald C. Lindsay, Jam
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Type Conference
Year 1995
Where PLDI
Authors Brad Calder, Dirk Grunwald, Donald C. Lindsay, James H. Martin, Michael Mozer, Benjamin G. Zorn
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