The Dynamic And-Or Quorum System

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The Dynamic And-Or Quorum System
We investigate issues related to the probe complexity of the And-Or quorum system and its implementation in a dynamic environment. Our contribution is twofold: We first analyze the algorithmic probe complexity of the And-Or quorum system, and present two optimal algorithms. The first is a non-adaptive algorithm with O( √ n log n) probe complexity, which matches a known lower bound. The second is an adaptive algorithm with a probe complexity that is linear in the cardinality of a quorum set (O( √ n)), and requires at most O(log log n) rounds. To the best of our knowledge, all other adaptive algorithms with same parameters (load and probe complexity) require θ( √ n) rounds. Our second contribution is presenting the ‘dynamic And-Or’ quorum system - an adaptation of the above quorum system to a dynamic environment, where processors join and leave the network. It is based on a dynamic overlay network that emulates the De-Bruijn network and maintains the good properties of the q...
Uri Nadav, Moni Naor
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Where WDAG
Authors Uri Nadav, Moni Naor
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